Dreaming of a Calmer Home and Confident Child? Make it a Reality.

I need to be brutally honest with you for a second …

Rigid, strict parenting is NEVER going to help your kid feel calm and in control.

I know, I know …

‘Traditional’ parenting advice tells us kids respond to discipline and order.

And hey, I’m not about to get super woo woo and new age-y.

But I can tell you from my 10+ years of experience as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, along with everything I’ve learned from helping 700+ families …

Kids in general don’t do well with rigid parenting.

And HSCs can get WORSE if you’re too strict.

So what should you do instead?

Bend over backwards and appease their every need?


Not that either :)

Because when you’re too accommodating, and just do whatever your kid wants…

Well, that’s the fast-track to a needy, demanding kiddo who never learns what “no” means.

The secret is …


It sounds so simple, yet so many parents forget this.

And I understand why.

When your kid is having a meltdown multiple times a day …

When you feel like you need to walk on eggshells to keep the peace …

And when you’re feeling judged by family members, by the school, and maybe even by your friends …

You just do whatever you feel will give you an easy life.

Unfortunately, while rigid parenting or bending over backwards might make life easier temporarily …

Long-term, it’s only going to make your life harder.

Your kid gets confused, because they don’t know how to behave.

They’re not sure if they’re king or queen of the household …

… or if you’re going to tell them off the moment they step out of line.

And considering HSCs already have a difficult time dealing with emotions, that’s a recipe for disaster.

This is why compromise is so vital.

And why it’s something we really work on with our clients.

We show them how to teach and lead through compromise.

When they do this, they see how well their kid can handle emotions.

They’re able to have meltdown-free mornings, and even whole days and weeks.

They can go to new places, be in crowds, or even do things like grab dinner at a restaurant as a family, without the constant stress and worry about what might happen.

I think you’ll agree, that’s liberating.

Because it feels like a weight’s been lifted off your shoulders.

You breathe a sigh of relief.

And not just that, but you get to feel truly proud of your parenting.

Because you’re not shouting and yelling.

But you’re not being a pushover either.

You have the perfect balance.

And your kid appreciates that.

So look, if this post gives you enough to go on - awesome.

But if you want our help using compromise to bring about peace and harmony in the home …

You’re feeling like you need that extra help and support from a whole team who totally gets you …

Or you’re just sick of being judged, or feeling lost and alone, and want support and guidance to end the meltdowns, eliminate the outbursts, and enjoy your parenting journey …

Click here, and let’s take that first step to a calm, confident kiddo together.

Talk soon,

💚 Megghan


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