The Secret to Stopping Daily Crises: How to Transform Your Child's Behavior in Weeks


You can transform your child’s behavior in WEEKS.

That might sound unbelievable …

… but it’s true.

There’s no reason why you can’t calm the daily chaos, quickly de-escalate drama, and have a confident, happy, outgoing kiddo by the end of this month.

But to do that, you need to understand 3 little words:

Pick. Your. Battles.

Here’s what I mean …

When your child’s escalated, and every pore in your body wants to get frustrated too, the most powerful thing you can do is stay calm.

Even if they’re in what I call “hurricane mode.”

They’re shouting, screaming, maybe even throwing things.

By remaining cool and collected, you can have a huge impact on their behavior.

But here’s the kicker -

You can’t leave the room or just walk off and hope they figure it out.

Because leaving is just as bad as getting worked up.

You need to stay there, in the eye of that storm.

Because this is make or break time.

By staying close and regulating your presence, you help them feel safe.

And when they feel safe, they calm down a whole lot faster.

You don’t necessarily need to ‘do’ anything though.

Not every incident requires intervention.

And you certainly don’t need to turn it into a battle.

You need to let the small stuff go, so you avoid power struggles and save your energy (and theirs!) for the more important things.

And when you DO need to intervene?

Well, your focus should be on swapping triggering activities for calming ones.

For example, can you swap screen time for outdoor play?

Or guide them to doing something quiet and creative, rather than something that’s likely to get them fired up?

Don’t get me wrong, there will be times when things do turn into more of a battle.

That’s just human nature.

Heck, it’s a daily part of being a parent!

But what you want to aim for, is a net calming effect.

Avoid confrontation.

Don’t leave them to struggle alone.

And when you can step in and help, do so by moving them to a quieter, less triggering activity or environment. 

That really IS the secret to becoming (almost) meltdown-free in literally weeks.

The other secret?

Talking with a highly-skilled expert.

To date, we’ve helped close on 700 families end the meltdowns and bring the joy back into parenting.

Some of these parents have been at their wits end, ready to throw in the towel.

Yet just weeks later, they’ve been enjoying parenting, seeing their child thrive, and having a better relationship with them than they’ve EVER had. 

See, the way we do things is nothing like regular therapy.

A therapist provides your kid with an outlet for 1 or 2 hours a week.

They vent, feel better for a bit, and then things go back to normal.

Your kid doesn’t feel any closer to you.

And they don’t develop long-term strategies to manage their emotions.

But at MTC, we work with parents, and help them coach their child to lasting change.

That’s why the parents who work with us see their kid transform on an almost daily basis.

Whereas parents who rely on therapy often spend tens of thousands of dollars per year, for years on end, and barely see any change at all.

I think my team has some space today.

So if you’d like to speak with one of them to talk about your specific situation, simply go here and book some time on the calendar.

Talk soon,

💚 Megghan



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