I Can’t Believe Professionals Get This so WRONG.

Ever heard a professional talk about how it’s a good thing for your kiddo to “get their emotions out?”

By which they mean scream, yell and have a meltdown.

They’ll say things like -

“Well, they’re opening up to you, and telling you how they really feel.”

Or they might say it’s taking the lid off a pressure cooker, to reduce the tension.

In theory, this might make sense.

But here’s the thing -

This approach is like teaching your child how to digest food by making them vomit!

Now, I know that’s a gross analogy, but go with me for a minute.

You’d never tell your kiddo that throwing up after a meal was a sign of healthy digestion.

If that started happening, you’d look for a solution, FAST.

Well, it’s the same for their emotions.

You don’t want your HSC to vomit up their emotions …

You want them to ‘digest’ them.


Because while we want our kids to express themselves, and to feel comfortable to tell us how they really feel …

We also want to encourage them to have emotional control.

Now, that doesn’t mean you yell at them or make them feel bad for having a meltdown.

But it does mean finding a solution that ISN’T just letting them ‘get it out.’

Ultimately, meltdowns aren’t a sign of healthy emotional processing.

Just like throwing up isn’t a sign of healthy digestion.

So what can you do if you don’t want them to get it all out …

But you don’t want them to clam up, either?

Well, it all comes down to feedback.

The precise feedback you give will vary depending on how old your kiddo is.

But you want to capitalize on those times when they’re not feeling stressed and triggered.

Mid-meltdown isn’t the time for a lesson.

So try to develop emotional coping mechanisms with them at a time when they’re relaxed, happy, and not feeling so stressed.

Help them develop the language they need to communicate their emotional state.

And above all -- Be a leader for them.

It doesn’t matter how old your kid is, if they see you acting irrationally and having an outburst, they’ll copy.

I know it’s hard, but the more cool, calm and collected you can be …

The more cool, calm and collected they’ll be.

Ultimately, it’s not about stopping meltdowns, but you don’t want to encourage them to use a meltdown as emotional processing, either.

The good news is, tackling this doesn’t need to take years and years.

In fact, at MTC, we’ve helped hundreds of parents do exactly this, in as little as 8 weeks.

They go from feeling like every day is an emotional battle …

To truly enjoying spending time with their kiddo, making memories, and feeling in control of every situation.

Plus, we help them do this, without yelling, screaming and punishments …

And even if they’re super busy, stressed, and feel like they’re just not sure they have any more time or energy to give.

If that’s something you’d like, I promise you, there’s a way we can help.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Use this link below to book a call with us, and let’s get you on the road to a happy, healthy (meltdown-free) relationship with your HSC:


For families with high school aged teens: https://www.megghanthompsoncoaching.com/teentalk


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