Use Play for Emotional Growth & Development

Ever feel like your kid just does not listen whenever you give them instructions?

If so …

You need to chill out.

I mean it.

Because something I see sooooo often here at MTC, is parents who take their parenting way too seriously.

And most kids do NOT respond to serious parenting.

What do they respond to?


That’s right - Play is one of the BEST ways to help your HSC learn, grow and develop.

All the research supports this.

But perhaps a large scale 2018 study from The American Academy of Pediatrics summed it up best, when it concluded:

“At a time when early childhood programs are pressured to add more didactic components and less playful learning, pediatricians can play an important role in emphasizing the role of a balanced curriculum that includes the importance of playful learning for the promotion of healthy child development.”

Now, I know you’re not a pediatrician

And that quote’s a bit formal …

But adding a play component to your parenting can totally transform the way your kid develops.

When parents engage in play with their children, it helps build stronger bonds and creates positive memories.

Let’s be real here -

What do you remember best:

Something you were taught in a boring, stuffy office?

Or something you were taught at a time when you were laughing, chilling out and spending time with people you liked?

The second one, right?

And it’s the same for kids.

If we can attach positive memories to important life lessons … They remember them a whole lot better.

Play can also be used to help children develop important life skills, such as teamwork, communication, and creativity.

So ask yourself -

“Rather than telling or instructing my kid to do something …

… is there a way I can make a game out of it?”

Or if making an actual game is too difficult, can you just talk to them about important issues while doing something they enjoy?

The worst thing that happens when you do this, is they don’t remember what you taught them, but the two of you have some awesome bonding time together.

And the best thing that can happen is you both have fun, get closer together, and your kiddo picks up a new skill, or a way to better manage their emotions.

It’s a win-win.

So rather than trying to make learning serious …

Maybe sit down with them while playing a board game …

Do some arts and crafts together …

Or even something more active.

The important thing is, find something they ENJOY, and weave a lesson or teaching in there.

This is a great chance to help them regulate their emotions in a fun, safe way.

And if you need some inspiration?

Why not book a call with us, and see how we help parents do this, every single day.

Parenting an HSC can be a tough, lonely journey.

And sometimes, you just need that support to get through the days.

Maybe your other half isn’t fully on the same page.

Maybe your family members just don’t get it.

Or perhaps you’re fighting a never-ending battle with the school.

Whatever the problem is, we can help.

And we can have fun along the way, too.

Because us adults aren’t all that dissimilar to kids.

They learn best through play and not taking things too seriously …

… and so do we.

So book that call today, and let’s get you on a path to end the meltdowns, ditch the drama at home, and start enjoying seeing your kid thrive and develop.

Talk soon,



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