What Your Child's Behavior Really Means (It's Not What You Expect)


Ever feel like you and your kid are speaking different languages?

And I don’t just mean they’re speaking French, which you studied in high school so you can kinda pick up the odd word …

More like you’re speaking Spanish and they’re speaking Swahili.

If so, that’s a common situation for a lot of HSC parents.

Most I speak with, in fact.

And this clash can make it super difficult to understand their behavior.

Because you wonder why they’re behaving in a way that’s so alien.

And all the reasoning and persuasion in the world doesn’t seem to do anything.

Well, here’s the thing -

While you might think you know the reason your kid is acting up, or having a tough time …

The real reason probably isn’t what you think.

See, where most kids’ challenges are fairly obvious …

The cause of an HSC’s distress, or anger, or frustration is usually a lot deeper, beneath the surface.

It’s easy to assume this is caused by a gap in empathy.

But it’s not.

It’s caused by a gap in skill.

Ie. It’s not that they’re not feeling anything.

They’re actually feeling their emotions far stronger than most kids, but they’re unable to communicate.

And that’s the reason why their problems can seem so severe.

Can you imagine how that feels?

Massively frustrating, right?

This is why, as parents of HSCs, we need to avoid assumptions.

We need to dig deeper to find out what’s really going on.

And the best way to do that, is to approach the situation with openness and honesty.

If you’re having a negative emotional behavior yourself -- anger, fear or frustration for example -- that makes you a whole lot more likely to judge their behavior.

And we know that judging doesn’t get us anywhere.

Instead, we need to be open, honest, and above all … Curious.

Because if you come at the situation with curiosity?

If you keep an open mind to what your child’s experiencing?

And if you take an active interest in getting to the bottom of their meltdown?

Well, not only will they feel seen, heard and a whole lot closer to you …

… but you’ll be able to get them out of that tough spot much quicker.

The key thing is, don’t ask them why they're feeling what they’re feeling.

They don’t know!

Because of the skill gap.

But by asking questions and taking an active interest, it doesn’t take a whole lot of digging to uncover the real reason behind their behavior.

And when you find that?

Well, life as an HSC parent gets a whole lot easier.

You know what else makes life a whole lot easier?

Having a team of experts in your corner, every step of the way.

Experts who’ve worked with over 600 other families, and have seen every kind of challenge going.

Experts who know exactly what to do and when, to calm the meltdowns, end the outbursts, and help your kid move through life with confidence and courage.

And experts who don’t judge or shame, and instead, work with you to navigate the murky waters of the parenting journey.

We’d love to be those experts for you.

If you’d love that too, just click the link below:

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On that page, you can book some time to speak with us.

Then you’ll fill in a short form, that just gives us a bit more information about you -

What your struggles are … What you’ve tried already … And where you’re hitting a roadblock right now.

Then, when we speak, we can lay out a game plan to tackle all of these, and more.

By the end of that call, you may be happy you know what to do.

Or you may be like most parents we speak with, and decide you’d like our help with parenting your HSC.

If you do, we can discuss that.

But the important thing right now, is booking that call.

Because these emotional outbursts don’t get better on their own.

Meltdowns don’t just suddenly disappear.

And with HSCs, behavioral challenges only tend to get worse over time.

That’s why, if you're thinking about booking a call, I’d urge you to do it now.

Here’s that link again:

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I can’t wait to speak with you.


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