Why You Need to Make It a Priority to Manage Your Mindset When Parenting a Highly Sensitive Child


There’s something NO ONE is talking about when it comes to parenting highly sensitive children.

Neglecting this one thing is a surefire way to keep you stuck in the meltdown cycle …

With a kid who stays unpredictable and volatile …

Leaving you tiptoeing around, worried about what to say 24/7 …

And making you feel like you’re doing something “wrong.”

What one thing am I talking about?


I don’t mean your kiddo’s mindset either.

I mean your mindset.

Now, you might be thinking -

“But Megghan, what does MY mindset have to do with ending the meltdown cycle, and helping my child be calm, confident and sociable?”

Well … A LOT!

Mindset is something we place a big emphasis on at MTC.

And for good reason.

Because we’ve seen just how amazing the outcomes are when parents stop trying to ‘fix’ their kid, and start working on their own mindset first.

But if you’re on the fence and still not convinced, here are 4 reasons why you need to work on your own mindset:

1. Mindset Work Reframes Problems

Let’s be real here - There are lots of ‘problems’ when parenting an HSC.

But are they really problems?

I’d say not.

In fact, these so-called problems are actually opportunities.

Opportunities to help your child grow.

Opportunities to build a stronger bond with them.

Opportunities to show them how to work through challenges and become resilient.

Thing is, parents who don’t do mindset work only see problems.

Which gets stressful.

Parents who work on their mindset see opportunities.

And not only do they see almost immediate change in their child, but they enjoy the parenting journey a whole lot more.

2. You Eliminate the Judgment

It’s so easy to flip into “judgment mode” whenever your kiddo is having a rough 10 minutes.

Unfortunately, getting judgey doesn’t help anything.

It only makes the situation worse.

But when you have a rock-solid mindset?

You become curious.

And curiosity is key to understanding your child, strengthening that bond, and helping them work through challenges.

Not only that, but you start to see what’s possible, where they could go, and get excited about their future.

3. Positive Mindset = Better Connection

Think about every interaction you have.

If you show up negative, closed off and defensive, that never makes for a good relationship, right?

Likewise if other people are negative, closed off and defensive with you.

Unfortunately, parents who don’t do mindset work flip to this negative attitude all too easily.

But when you think positively, you feel better, you’re more affectionate, more aware, and more focused …

Which rubs off on your child, and they reflect that back on you.

4. You Need to Lead

Our kids soak up everything we do.

And they feed off our energy.

When you do mindset work, you feel more calm, confident and capable.

And guess what happens?

Your kid feels more calm, confident and capable.

That’s what we all want, right?

So instead of having to coach them through meltdowns …

Rearrange your whole schedule whenever anything comes up …

Or have endless back-and-forth conversations with them, or the school, or other family members …

You can simply help them feel less triggered and anxious, just by the way you behave.

Now, I gotta be honest … A lot of parents are resistant to mindset work.

And I get that.

I mean, we all want to hear there’s “one simple solution” to helping our HSCs end the outbursts and break free from the meltdown cycle.

But ultimately, your kiddo won’t change unless you do.

And that all starts with retraining your brain, and doing the mindset work.

If you’re not prepared to do that?

I’m honestly not sure I can help you.

Maybe someone else can, I don’t know.

But at MTC, we only work with parents who are happy to lead the way, and don’t just want to “fix” their child.

If you are open to a different way of doing things though …

You can see just how powerful some simple mindset work can be to help your child …

And you’d like a step-by-step game plan to build your own confidence, resilience and coping strategies …

… which in turn build your kid’s confidence, resilience and coping strategies -

Use this link to book a call with us.

I can’t promise what we do will be the perfect fit for you and your family.

But I can promise that we have the best track record in the industry when it comes to helping families with HSCs.

And whether you choose to work with us or not …

You’ll come away from this call with more clarity than you’ve ever had.

Not to mention hope that your home situation can improve.

So use this link, schedule a spot, and we’ll talk with you soon.

For families with high school aged teens, book here


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