Why Your Kid Doesn't Need Long Intense Therapy


Let me share with you the story of two California parents who were individually struggling to help their six-year-old daughter navigate her intense emotions on a daily basis. 

Each morning, Mom faced meltdowns, while Dad found it challenging to handle them at night. The contrasting parenting styles were starting to take a toll on their marriage.

Mom was concerned that she was undermining her husband's efforts when she had to take over after he lost his composure during bedtime.

Exhaustion consumed them both, and their daughter was having a staggering five meltdowns per day!

We intervened by identifying the differences in their parenting perspectives and finding ways to support their daughter when they took turns managing the morning and evening routines. 

We focused on:

  • Understanding the specific struggles they faced
  • Identifying the unmet needs contributing to the situation
  • Outlining the exact steps they needed to take to support each other during their daughter's challenging moments, rather than dividing their care.

The results were remarkable. 

They quickly shifted from survival mode to feeling like a united team. 

Within two weeks, the frequency of meltdowns decreased from five per day to only two per week, and another two weeks later, it reduced further to just one per week.

You see, many parents believe that dealing with such intense emotions requires intensive and prolonged efforts to bring about change. 

But I beg to differ.

When you approach the situation with dedication, commitment, and a clear vision of a peaceful home that you refuse to compromise on, your Highly Sensitive Child senses this unwavering determination.

She finds security in the hope and vision you have for your family, and she can't help but align herself with your plan.

Nobody wants to feel miserable, and these parents understood that their first-grade daughter couldn't fully enjoy life because managing her intense emotions was an immense struggle.

Now, you can make this dream a reality for yourself. The only question is, how long are you willing to wait?

Don't hesitate, book a call today.

During our conversation, we will delve into the specific challenges you're facing and discuss how we can best support you in achieving your goal. 

We will provide you with clarity about the underlying causes of your child's meltdowns and help you uncover the necessary steps to bring peace and harmony back into your home.

Here's the catch: This transformative conversation isn't for everyone. 

It's exclusively for parents who are truly committed to establishing a lasting change in their relationship with their child and refuse to let their child endure shame for another day.

If you're only seeking quick fixes for temporary frustrations, this might not be the right time for you. 

This opportunity is for parents who understand that, despite different behaviors, the root cause remains the same: there is a missing connection with their child, and they are ready to address it as soon as possible.


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