How to Talk to Your HSC About Puberty


As a proud owner of the human body, I think we can all agree on one life stage we’d never teleport back to.


The raging hormonal highs and lows,

Acne and body hair randomly popping up all over the place,

Clothes fitting differently,

Social pressures…

You can probably name several of your own personal least favorite things about your experience with puberty, but I digress.

When you have a Highly Sensitive child who is on their way to teenagehood,

And that child is already stuck in the meltdown cycle,

Chances are, you’re already fastening your seatbelt for the wild ride and hoping it’ll get better…

Or you may be on the other side of things and assume your kid will grow out of it.

The thing is – neither of those things are going to happen.

Watch on to learn what's really going to happen.

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