If Your HSC Hates Haircuts... You'll Want to Hear This


Unless you’re a hairdresser, put the scissors and clippers DOWN.

It is possible for your HSC to get a haircut without a meltdown. Read those words again.

It is possible for your HSC to get a haircut without hitting, kicking, scratching, and screaming. 

You might roll your eyes and think, “Megghan, MY kid can’t handle it. You don’t get it.” 

I do get it. 

Your kid IS terrified. That is true. They’re uncomfortable. They’re itchy and they can’t take it.

Their meltdown may have been traumatizing for you AND them, and the hairdresser.

And I understand why you’d go to great lengths to avoid that from happening again.


Tune in to learn why cutting your kid’s hair is NOT the answer here.



For Highly Sensitive Teens:


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