How Fear and Love affects your Parenting


Avoid the vortex of negativity as the media and your newsfeed is freaking out with the coronavirus crisis. Focus on what you can control. 

Now more than ever, as your children are looking to you to see how they can respond to fear.

This video is a great one to come back to as we stay strong, guide ourselves, and focus on love as we lead our children to manage emotions from a place of love.

It starts with you as a parent.

Wise action comes from love, not fear. Not overthinking, not rumination, not spinning through your options in your brain a million times over until "this passes."

Because the truth is that if you don't step out of your own head, and into your heart, your worries actually become ALL you can think about.

And that certainly doesn't solve your problem, and help your HSC creatively learn how to solve theirs.

So if you see your HSC imploding (hiding, running away, struggling to communicate until you PULL it out of them harder than it took them to pop their baby teeth out), or exploding, which we often talk about regarding meltdowns, then this is crucial for you to master.

The ability to creatively solve a problem means taking quick, decisive action, stretching beyond your comfort zone, and reaching out for opportunities to receive help. NOT in thinking over and over and over about the best, most right option.

This is where you will stay stuck.

Focus on your goal, not your fear.

You do this by noticing your emotion in your body. Not by correcting your thoughts. Doing that KEEPS you in your head!

If you're emotionally compelled to take action, (very different than emotionally compelled to hide!) then LISTEN to that! It's your intuition (or God, the Universe, Source, etc.) talking...

...And your intuition, even if it's a tiny voice right now, will tell you what you need to hear.

Check out this video to learn more!


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