What Drives Sensitive Adults Towards Struggle


Why can’t my HSC be happy?

Is my HSC destined for struggle?

We know these are questions that spin through your head. You may have a relative that struggles and you can draw parallels with your child’s behavior. Or perhaps you yourself had a rough childhood and you’re busting your butt to be certain your HSC doesn’t struggle with intense emotions like you did.

In this video, I speak about why your child is struggling in relation to your parenting style. Not to shame you. To help you see what YOU can take action on immediately.

You cannot control how your child relates to the world. But you can for damn sure influence it to the point where your child CHANGES themselves.

Without doing that, your child is left on their own to figure out how to manage their emotions, because they ultimately feel misunderstood. It’s why they say you don’t get it. It’s why they don’t come to you before they have hit their limits, and why they don’t learn what you’re trying SO HARD to teach them after they have a meltdown.

Your child isn’t bullshitting you when they eagerly talk about trying new skills next time. They genuinely think in that moment they can do it.

But when the fear kicks into overdrive, and you gear up, the performance anxiety becomes so overwhelming they don’t even hear the negative self-talk anymore. It’s all automatic.

And you feel tricked.

Stop the cycle. Find out why HSCs who struggle in childhood turn into HSPs who struggle in adulthood.


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