Your HSC is Not As Fragile As You Think


When we have babies, we learn how incredible the miracle of creating a human can be.

It is amazing to see our fragile infants grow into toddlers, children, teens, and then adults.

But if your child is Highly Sensitive, you may feel like that fragility hasn’t left your kid yet.

And I’m not talking about physical development.

I’m talking about kids who still cry over spilt milk (literally) at 7 or 8 years old,

The same way they did when they were 2. 

Or kids who have meltdowns over what seems like everything…

Again, this is not the “terrible twos” we’re talking about here.

Kids who are stuck in the meltdown cycle feel like a ticking time bomb,

And parents of HSC’s stuck in this cycle are tip-toeing around their sensitive emotions,

Because you assume they’re too fragile to handle anything out of place.

Tune in to learn why your HSC is not as fragile as you think, and why it’s important to own that fact. 



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