Your HSC is Not As Fragile As You Think


When we have babies, we learn how incredible the miracle of creating a human can be.

It is amazing to see our fragile infants grow into toddlers, children, teens, and then adults.

But if your child is Highly Sensitive, you may feel like that fragility hasn’t left your kid yet.

And I’m not talking about physical development.

I’m talking about kids who still cry over spilt milk (literally) at 7 or 8 years old,

The same way they did when they were 2. 

Or kids who have meltdowns over what seems like everything…

Again, this is not the “terrible twos” we’re talking about here.

Kids who are stuck in the meltdown cycle feel like a ticking time bomb,

And parents of HSC’s stuck in this cycle are tip-toeing around their sensitive emotions,

Because you assume they’re too fragile to handle anything out of place.

Tune in to learn why your HSC is not as fragile as you think, and why it’s important to own that fact. 



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Is it Bad to Feel Embarrassed by Your HSC's Behaviors?


No matter how much we love our children,

We can feel embarrassed by their behavior. 

Whether it’s screaming their head off in a grocery store and crashing carts,

Or being rude to strangers by not using manners…

As a parent, it’s hard to watch sometimes.

On one hand, you know that you never want to make your child feel like they’re embarrassing you.

You don’t want THEM to feel the shame you are feeling.

And you might already feel guilty for being embarrassed in the first place.

But you can feel other parents' eyes burning a hole in the back of your head when your HSC is throwing themselves on the floor in Target.

So, is it bad to feel embarrassed by your HSC’s behavior? Tune in to find out.


For Highly Sensitive Teens: 

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The One Thing You're Missing With Toilet Troubles


The most dreaded sentence: “Mom, I have to poop.”

Who knew there would be so much emotion around using the bathroom?

It’s something we all do… we don’t really have a choice.

Yet, your HSC is struggling BIG TIME when it comes to number 2 (or sometimes, number 1).

Since you’ve been a human longer than your kid has, you understand the human body.

When you get the urge to go…

You go. 

And then you move on.

There’s nothing more to it.

Tune in to learn why it may be so hard for your HSC, and what this really means.

For Highly Sensitive Teens: 

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Choosing Sports Over Meltdowns… the Wrong Thing to Do?


Changing from soccer to an individual sport doesn’t end the meltdown cycle.

If your kid is in a team sport,

And the hustle and bustle, along with the quick pivoting of many teammates is overwhelming…

It’s tempting for you to throw in the towel with that sport.

Try something new.

But you already did that… right?

Especially if your child has after game meltdowns.

Or worse, mid game aggression. 

Changing sports based on your child’s emotion is a short-sighted solution.

Watch to find out why.

For Highly Sensitive Teens:  

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Is it hormones or is my kid Highly Sensitive?


As your child grows into a teenager, how do you really feel about it?

No shame here. We were all teenagers once, and it’s safe to say that NONE of us would go back in time to live through puberty again...

Be honest.

Are you holding your breath because you can’t imagine adding hormones on top of mood swings? Or adding their physical appearance on top of the list of preexisting worries?

And the peer pressure… learning how to be yourself and fit in at the same time…

When they already didn’t feel like they fit in…

Watch the video above as I knock out the phrase "It's just hormones, they'll grow out of it!"

Because it's not just hormones, and they won’t grow out of it. It's something else. 

For sensitive teens: 

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Your stinky kid doesn’t want to shower. Now what?


You’ve talked to your sensitive kid or teen about why it’s important to bathe and you still have a stinky kid. What gives?

Your instinct as a parent is to tell your child WHY their body needs to stay clean. 

You've read advice like:

“Explain the consequences of not bathing!“

“Just tell them to suck it up!”  

Here’s the thing. It’s never logic that holds your kid back from taking action.

  1. Your HSC already knows why it’s important to bathe... and they know they stink.
  2. Most Highly Sensitive kids and teens are bright... they really do get it.

  3. There is more to your kid than disobeying this mandatory act of self care...

Because you’re not addressing the actual problem...

Watch the video to learn how to help your child get past their hygiene meltdown, and click the link to book a call with my team to end the meltdown cycle for good.

Parents of sensitive teens:


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The REAL Reason Why Your Kid Won’t Let You Take a Vacation


You have plans to go on a romantic vacation with your spouse for the first time in years.


Your marriage needs this. 


When was the last time you REALLY connected, with zero distractions?


You try to get away… you’re at dinner, your phone rings… and it’s your kid. Again.


Immediate dread.


They are hysterical because Nana doesn’t know the password to the iPad.


This is the third time they have called in the last hour. 


You say, “Why did I even bother?”


…What do you do?


If this sounds familiar, what if I told you there was an option that didn’t rely on survival-mode parenting? 


You need a system, support, accountability, and a plan.


Join me LIVE to learn how to stop your HSC from melting down when you have to leave town.


If you're ready to break this down with clear, evidenced based playful strategies to create a system that has worked...

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