Is it Bad to Feel Embarrassed by Your HSC's Behaviors?


No matter how much we love our children,

We can feel embarrassed by their behavior. 

Whether it’s screaming their head off in a grocery store and crashing carts,

Or being rude to strangers by not using manners…

As a parent, it’s hard to watch sometimes.

On one hand, you know that you never want to make your child feel like they’re embarrassing you.

You don’t want THEM to feel the shame you are feeling.

And you might already feel guilty for being embarrassed in the first place.

But you can feel other parents' eyes burning a hole in the back of your head when your HSC is throwing themselves on the floor in Target.

So, is it bad to feel embarrassed by your HSC’s behavior? Tune in to find out.


For Highly Sensitive Teens: 

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Do the Meltdowns Make You Feel Like the Lockdown Will Never End?


When you feel like certain things are not possible for your family BECAUSE of meltdowns…

It feels isolating.

Most of us have lived through an actual lockdown. 

But when you limit your family or yourself from doing things because you feel like your kid can’t handle it...

It feels like it never really ended. 

And it feels like you’re doing something wrong when you’re just trying to protect your kid.

I get it. It’s exhausting for you to wait for the explosion when you try to do fun things.

Plus, your kid doesn’t want to have a bad time either. 

Tune in to learn why skipping the trips to the Lego Store is not the answer...

For Highly Sensitive Teens:  

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The Difference Between the Highly Sensitive Trait and Autism


Let’s get one thing straight.

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Sensitivity are two different things.

If your child is Highly Sensitive, that does not mean they are on the Autism Spectrum.

I’m referring to something I read a few weeks ago while scrolling away on Instagram.

I saw a “Wellness Coach” claim that the Highly Sensitive Personality trait is just a way for therapists to downplay someone’s autistic traits…

Which is simply not true… 

And science proves that.

It’s important to note that this individual in particular was not speaking from their own experience of an autism misdiagnosis…

So this is an example of how harmful (and easy) it can be to spread false information.

Tune in for a scientific and historical lesson on the difference between ASD and SPS.


For Highly Sensitive Teens: 

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