Is it Bad to Feel Embarrassed by Your HSC's Behaviors?


No matter how much we love our children,

We can feel embarrassed by their behavior. 

Whether it’s screaming their head off in a grocery store and crashing carts,

Or being rude to strangers by not using manners…

As a parent, it’s hard to watch sometimes.

On one hand, you know that you never want to make your child feel like they’re embarrassing you.

You don’t want THEM to feel the shame you are feeling.

And you might already feel guilty for being embarrassed in the first place.

But you can feel other parents' eyes burning a hole in the back of your head when your HSC is throwing themselves on the floor in Target.

So, is it bad to feel embarrassed by your HSC’s behavior? Tune in to find out.


For Highly Sensitive Teens: 

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