My Kid Was Fine Last Year… Why is EVERYTHING Stressing Them Out Now?


You always think you’ve finally figured out what triggers a meltdown…

Until the sun rises again and a new issue comes with it.

It’s hard being a parent, we know this.

But it can almost feel like your kid is just being dramatic,

Or doing this on purpose to get attention. 

If these are thoughts YOU’VE had, you’re not alone.

And you’re not a bad parent either.

As an expert on the Highly Sensitive trait, I can tell you straight up that your kid is NOT doing this on purpose.

Children cannot manipulate their parents.

They don’t have the internal hardwiring in their brains to do so.

So, why does your kid HATE places and events they used to love?

Why do they throw a fit now or totally refuse, when they used to go willingly?

Watch this video to find out. 


For Highly Sensitive Teens: 

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Choosing Sports Over Meltdowns… the Wrong Thing to Do?


Changing from soccer to an individual sport doesn’t end the meltdown cycle.

If your kid is in a team sport,

And the hustle and bustle, along with the quick pivoting of many teammates is overwhelming…

It’s tempting for you to throw in the towel with that sport.

Try something new.

But you already did that… right?

Especially if your child has after game meltdowns.

Or worse, mid game aggression. 

Changing sports based on your child’s emotion is a short-sighted solution.

Watch to find out why.

For Highly Sensitive Teens:  

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