Do You Ever Feel Like Having A Child Ruined Your Life?


Have you ever felt like having a kid ruined your life?

I KNOW this statement is incredibly controversial…

However, when you work with parents whose children are suffering so badly with daily meltdowns like I do, 

It’s a statement that we hear frequently.

A statement that, of course, is the most shameful thing a parent can admit to.

Because anyone with a pulse and a drop of empathy knows that even having that thought for a fleeting moment ONCE must affect your relationship with your kid… 

And their relationship with themselves.

And since we only work with awesome parents, who always have awesome kids, 

Admitting something like this is not only gut-wrenching.

It can be paralyzing.

But don’t fret just yet. We have the answers you need. Tune in to hear more.


For Highly Sensitive Teens:  

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My Kid Was Fine Last Year… Why is EVERYTHING Stressing Them Out Now?


You always think you’ve finally figured out what triggers a meltdown…

Until the sun rises again and a new issue comes with it.

It’s hard being a parent, we know this.

But it can almost feel like your kid is just being dramatic,

Or doing this on purpose to get attention. 

If these are thoughts YOU’VE had, you’re not alone.

And you’re not a bad parent either.

As an expert on the Highly Sensitive trait, I can tell you straight up that your kid is NOT doing this on purpose.

Children cannot manipulate their parents.

They don’t have the internal hardwiring in their brains to do so.

So, why does your kid HATE places and events they used to love?

Why do they throw a fit now or totally refuse, when they used to go willingly?

Watch this video to find out. 


For Highly Sensitive Teens: 

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How the Meltdowns Stole Christmas


Do you suffer from anxiety around Christmas time?

I think we all do, but when you’re a parent of an HSC struggling with meltdowns, 

You are probably thinking at least three times as much as the average parent.

“I better make sure each sibling has an equal amount of gifts.”

“We’ll have to come up with an excuse to leave the Christmas party early so Sarah can watch A Christmas Story again.”

“I’ll take the long way to Grandma’s to avoid passing by the toy store, otherwise we’ll have to stop again.”

On top of the grocery list, gifts to mail out, and Christmas card addresses…

It’s no wonder you are feeling anxious. 

The Grinch was anxious around Christmas time too, but for a different reason.

Tune in to learn more about what the story of the Grinch can tell us about our Highly Sensitive children.

For Highly Sensitive Teens:


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The Thief That Stole Thanksgiving


Tis the season of good food and gratitude!

When you go around the family table and ask what everyone is grateful for,

Do you find yourself bracing for the possibility of a meltdown...?

Maybe you’re not even there yet.

Maybe you’re still trying to get your HSC to come out of their room and say hello to their cousins,

Or trying to get them to lose the attitude with Grandpa that they suddenly have,

Or simply put on their shoes to leave the house…

Whichever stage you feel stuck on, you’re not alone.

Family gatherings are stressful during the holidays, no matter how much you love your family.

Tune in if you’re nervous about the holidays... because Thanksgiving is already NEXT WEEK.

For Highly Sensitive Teens:  

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How to Spot a Fake Parenting Coach


Fake coaches and scam programs are not talked about enough.

You can’t scroll through Facebook for five seconds without finding someone selling their “life changing” program.

And since your search history is what apps use to target ads, 

If you’ve been searching for help on Google,

I.e “How can I stop meltdowns?”

You’re probably flooded with options.

But as you know, the internet is full of information.

It gives strangers the opportunity to position themselves as an “expert” by calling themselves one.

Tune in to learn more about how to spot a fake parenting coach, and why it’s incredibly important to know exactly who you’re working with.

For Highly Sensitive Teens:  

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Friends Frenemies Enemies and Navigating social skills with your HSC


Friends, frenemies and enemies, Oh my!

Navigating social skills with your HSC can feel like trying to read a map that keeps changing mid-drive.

You know your kid is sensitive, 

So how can you help them navigate through social situations without saying “toughen up!”

Because you’ve tried that already…

It didn’t work… right?

Making friends might be hard for your HSC, so what do you do when they get their heart broken?

Watch to learn how to help your kid through disappointment without telling them to toughen up (because that doesn’t work).

For sensitive teens: 

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When Your HSC's Imagination Runs Wild...


Your HSC’s Imagination and Their Emotions: A Recipe for Disaster..?

So, you know your kid is gifted with a rich imagination. 

Instead of just telling your kid that rain makes rainbows, your sensitive kid probably wants to know exactly why that happens…

What purpose it serves…

And how it works.

This is all good and fun, but what happens when their imagination tips to the dark end of the spectrum?

For example, your kid sees a scary commercial advertising a Halloween store opening in your area.

Now they’re afraid of the television… 

Or if your kid is a little older, they see a commercial about a medication for a disease.

The next thing you know, they’re obsessed with looking up symptoms of that disease to make sure they don't have it…


Tune in to learn why this is a more serious problem than you think. 

For sensitive teens:

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What is your HSC's potential?


Every week, I talk about parenting sensitive kids and why you need to end the meltdown cycle. This week, I want to do something different.

I want to talk to you about the potential of your Highly Sensitive child and explain how their gift can change the world if they know how to use it. 

To start, let’s discuss why eliminating the meltdown cycle is imperative to your child’s future, and what is possible for their future.

Our mission is to remove suicidal thinking and self-harm behavior for the entire Highly Sensitive population.

Decades of research shows: Sensitive people who grow up in an environment that doesn't fit their emotional needs, which is often due to a mismatch in parenting, develop chronic self harm, aggressive and/or suicidal behaviors. 

So, what IS possible for your family and HSCs future? Tune in to find out.

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How to Prepare your HSC for BAD News


If you are staying up past midnight googling “how to tell my kid bad news without them freaking out on me or hating me,” 

This message is for you.

It’s hard enough helping your HSC navigate changes in plans or new circumstances.

How can you possibly prepare them to hear unexpected bad news?!

You can’t control when their favorite teacher quits, or their best friend moves away...

Or being around your aunt who complains about everything and casually brings up devastating news in front of the children...

Or your niece who lost their hamster and won’t stop talking about it…

How can you say “your cousin might be sad today because Spot died” without causing your HSC to meltdown? 

It’s normal to be sad when a pet or loved one passes away, but fearing the meltdown from your HSC is another story.

Tune in while I discuss how to prepare your HSC for surprised BAD news. 


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Is it hormones or is my kid Highly Sensitive?


As your child grows into a teenager, how do you really feel about it?

No shame here. We were all teenagers once, and it’s safe to say that NONE of us would go back in time to live through puberty again...

Be honest.

Are you holding your breath because you can’t imagine adding hormones on top of mood swings? Or adding their physical appearance on top of the list of preexisting worries?

And the peer pressure… learning how to be yourself and fit in at the same time…

When they already didn’t feel like they fit in…

Watch the video above as I knock out the phrase "It's just hormones, they'll grow out of it!"

Because it's not just hormones, and they won’t grow out of it. It's something else. 

For sensitive teens: 

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