Are You Burnt Out from Trying to Stop the Meltdowns?

Do you ever wish you could hang a sign on your head that says “Out of Order,”

Just so everyone would leave you alone for five seconds?

Every parent has this experience. 

Between managing the household for multiple people,

Keeping dinner on the table,

Making sure everyone’s shoes has a pair,

And trying to find the seconds in between to brush your own teeth,

It’s easy to feel extremely burnt out after a while.

Throw the meltdown cycle in there and you feel like you don’t even have a chance for peace.

But I’m not going to sit here and just talk about how burnt out you are.

That’s what most mommy bloggers do, and they never really get to the point…

Other than reminding you to wash your hair and put on clean socks. 

Which I am in favor of!

But I’m even MORE interested in talking about what you can do to fix this problem. 

Not only this problem of the pervasive meltdowns…

But this problem where you feel burnt out...

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How Can I Help My Kid if They Keep Running Away from Me?

It’s true that you can only help people who WANT your help.

That includes your children.

This is a tough spot to be in, because not only do you want to help your child,

It’s literally your most important job on the planet.

It’s scary when you feel like you can’t help your kid.

It’s even scarier when they run away from you and you know they’re upset.

So when your kid shut you out or physically runs away from you,

What do you do first?

Find your kid… Then what?

Lecture them on the dangers of running away?

Yell at them in hopes that if they feel afraid, they won’t repeat the behavior?

Or walk on eggshells in case they do it again?

Chances are, you’ve tried all 3 things here, so I’m going to tell you what you HAVEN’T tried.

Here it is:

Eliminating the daily meltdown cycle all together.

And at MTC, you can do that in as little as 8 weeks.

First, I want to walk you through why your child is exhibiting this behavior.


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Hygiene Hysteria: How to Get Your HSC to Brush Their Teeth Without A Fight

A question you never thought you’d ask other parents when you decided to become a parent:

How long does it take your kid to brush their teeth?

Because you know that even though it’s an annoying and daily chore,

We all need to do it. 

For at least two minutes, if we are following health guidelines.

So why does it take your kid 15, 30, or even longer to get through a two minute daily activity?

You’ve probably asked yourself that before. 

And if you’ve asked other parents, they probably had a mouthful of information to share.

“I’ve just given up on brushing her teeth in the morning. We just do it at night.”

“This one toothbrush my son uses lights up and plays a song! It helps.”

“Just tell your kid their teeth will rot and fall out of their head. Fear works, mama!”

Some of these tactics may have worked for you temporarily,

But you know the problem is not just brushing their teeth.

Because this started when your...

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Why Does Your HSC HATE the Surprise Gift You Got Them?


What’s worse: surprising your kid with a gift that they hate, but they pretend to love?

Or surprising them with a gift you know they LOVE, but suddenly, they hate it?

Let me tell you a story. Our family recently adopted a puppy.

My kid loves animals and we knew that she wanted a puppy.

We knew there would be hyperactivity, lots of licking, jumping around, chewing on stuff, etc.

So when we brought it home,

I started thinking about how HSCs who are stuck in the meltdown cycle might react to this much sensory overload.

Would fear overshadowed excitement?

Suck up the joy completely before anyone knew what happened?

If your child is missing the skills to regulate their emotions and you are walking on eggshells around their explosions,

The meltdowns would take the lead here. 

So, what do you do if your HSC can’t handle surprises?

Tune in to find out.


For Highly Sensitive Teens:


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How the Meltdowns Stole Christmas


Do you suffer from anxiety around Christmas time?

I think we all do, but when you’re a parent of an HSC struggling with meltdowns, 

You are probably thinking at least three times as much as the average parent.

“I better make sure each sibling has an equal amount of gifts.”

“We’ll have to come up with an excuse to leave the Christmas party early so Sarah can watch A Christmas Story again.”

“I’ll take the long way to Grandma’s to avoid passing by the toy store, otherwise we’ll have to stop again.”

On top of the grocery list, gifts to mail out, and Christmas card addresses…

It’s no wonder you are feeling anxious. 

The Grinch was anxious around Christmas time too, but for a different reason.

Tune in to learn more about what the story of the Grinch can tell us about our Highly Sensitive children.

For Highly Sensitive Teens:


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