Is Being Highly Sensitive Genetic?


Ever wonder whether this temperament trait can be proven in research?


I get it, you want an answer about why your child is struggling significantly, WITHOUT labeling them unduly… 


AND make sure you’re covering all of your bases and not missing a serious biological cause for your child’s distress.


In your research you may have come across the traditional belief or advice that treats your child’s intense meltdowns as diagnosable anxiety, or a developmental delay, or some other pop psychology fad trend. 


And yet, you know you (and your spouse/co-parent) arent’ on the same page, you’re reactive when you're not at your best and yelling or throwing your hands up, walking on eggshells…

and you know this is part of the problem.


Today’s message is short, because I am imploring you to save the time to watch this week’s show. 


On it, you will hear me review hundreds of research...

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Reactively Fighting Fire With Fire?

As an expert in parenting sensitive children stuck in the meltdown cycle, I know your daily struggles are overwhelming. 


You want the best for your kids, yet traditional disciplining often backfires, worsening behaviors and hardening family dynamics… so you’ve obviously done away with that…


…until you hit your limit. 


Please don't lose hope - there is a better way.


You can use gentle parenting philosophy with a sensitive child who is stuck in the meltdown cycle and passionate, driven, and fiery. 


But you need to add structure.


You know research shows meltdowns usually stem not from defiance, but from sensitivities becoming overloaded without constructive outlets. 


Since sensitive kids process emotions deeply and seek understanding, problems are exacerbated when they’re overwhelmed by their own inflexible demands. 


Taking this perspective allows you to change your level...

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Do You Have To Homeschool My HSC?


Are your sensitive child's school days filled with distress and challenges?


Considering homeschooling as the only way to solve this problem?


You undoubtedly want your child’s education to cultivate potential, not erode self-esteem, yet…


Seeing them drowning in overwhelm at home understandably sparks your protective instincts to advocate for drastic change.


This creates a sense of overwhelm for yourself, and yet you and I both know that’s not who you truly are.


You are your child’s advocate.


So, before you pull your kiddo out of school…focus on building that identity, and educate yourself on what it’s like to homeschool.


It might not be right for your family, so it’s important to do your research… but either way, no matter who is your child’s teacher, you will need to be her advocate.


An advocate accurately defines challenges to gain insight, not judgment, from school...

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Safe Space

A child who is reaching their fullest potential feels successful in these 5 avenues: community, friendships, academics, family, and inner emotional intelligence.


A child does not categorize their inner self concept by how many of those categories they are thriving in and counting the highlights.


One category of a perceived failure to a sensitive soul is enough to be debilitating, especially if they're perfectionistic.


Sensitive kids don't think "at least 4 out of 5 areas are good". 


One failure damages their spirit.


I know you’re doing the best you can, and believe your struggling child when they say it's not okay.


Do not diminish their meltdowns by saying "at home is their safe space". 


No, daily chaos means they feel unsafe everywhere.


It is not resilience if children "cope" with inner turmoil alone. 


They deserve tools to regulate their big feelings.


When perfectionistic kids can't achieve...

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PDA or Sensitive Struggling with Flexibility?


Your child's meltdowns drain your energy and test your patience.


You want more for them, yet feel stuck in a struggle that repeats daily… even when you’re using gentle parenting techniques. 


There is hope for a different future where your child thrives.


But first you must see them through new eyes of possibility instead of impossibility.


That includes the labels and perspectives that you take to characterize your chid’s behavior.


We’re discussing pathological demand avoidance on the show this week. 


It might be a difficult topic to dive into, but it’s a necessary one.


Your perspective shapes your child’s world in ways you may not realize.


What if meltdowns stem not from stubbornness or ‘demand avoidance’ but from a sensitive nature that is overwhelmed?


Flexibility and nuance, not defiance, get lost in high-stakes situations.


Disorganization and shutdowns...

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2 Truths Parents MUST Believe When They’re Worried Their Child Is Manipulating Them

When you start wondering if your kid is playing you, it hits like a gut punch, doesn't it?


How did things escalate so far, so fast?


Isn't parenting meant to be smoother sailing than this?


If junior is blowing up before soccer practice yet again, or sis is having a fit before helping with dishes, and you feel a twister twirling your temper...


That nagging thought sneaks in.


"Are they dodging obligations?"


"Is she milking emotions to duck chores?"


She claims cleaning is Everest-level hard but we know it takes 20 minutes tops.


So why the hour-long gripefest before?


Join me to gain real perspective on what's underneath the surface drama.


Discover how to effectively redirect behaviors while cultivating healthy habits.


Understanding is power - let's level up your power to parent with compassion.


What we’ve seen with our clients, is the more they can encourage their children to find a solution for...

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Does Your HSC Hate Events They Used to Love?


Man, it's like you finally get a system down pat with your HSC, thinking you've got their sensitivities all figured out.


Then without warning, some new thing comes along and completely wrecks your routine overnight!


Being an HSC parent is tough as nails - some days it can really feel like they're deliberately pushing all your buttons just to see your stress levels max out.


Been there, haven't you?


Take it from me, you are not alone in that feeling.


And you are most definitely not a bad parent.


As someone who's helped hundreds of families through the thick of daily meltdowns, here's what I know - kids at that age just aren't developmentally capable of manipulation.


Their little brains are laser focused on learning and growing, not scheming ways to drive you up the wall.


So if covert tactics aren't what's triggering the mood swings, then what in the world could be causing the sudden U-turns?


Like how your kiddo was over...

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What’s Really Going On If Your Kid Is Sensitive And Labeled As Oppositional And Defiant

Friends, I was beyond furious after seeing a post from a parent who was guided by a so-called "therapist" who gave a young child such a damaging label.


The diagnosis they provided? Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD).


Just thinking of it triggers me because through my research and clinical experience, I've seen the heartbreak it causes.


For years, eager, confused, EXHAUSTED parents have come to me seeking understanding - why does little Timmy have meltdowns at sports practice?


Why won't Emily stay at a sleepover?


But too often, other providers slap these simplistic labels that annihilate the little hope they’re hanging onto.


In my professional opinion, that harms more than heals.


ODD reduces complex children to narrow behaviors rather than seeing their whole selves.


C'mon - we all know actions signify deeper emotions.


So how does categorizing help when it ignores Truth?


A label like this obliterates...

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Back to School Blues


I feel you, coming back after the holidays can be straight up rough.


Stomachs are in knots. 


Tears flowing non-stop. 


Changes wreck the body and mind alike.


And after relaxing with family over winter break too? Forget about it.


Parents were probably praying for Christmas magic to last a little longer, anxiously awaiting the daily meltdowns school will no doubt bring.


The morning routines were tense enough getting out the door before vacation mode.


But now? 


Schedules are shredded, routines ripped to pieces, schedules all twisted six ways from Sunday.


Just as you finally fell into a groove too.


Bam - it comes crashing down with school only days away from starting up again.


Wasn't the whole point of break to kick back and recharge your batteries?


Now who has the mental stamina for this level of madness at the crack of dawn every weekday?


Going from full dictator parent to walking...

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They Stopped the Cycle of 5 Meltdowns a Day!

Are you tired of feeling frustrated and helpless when it comes to your child's aggressive behavior? 

Do you feel like you've tried everything from traditional parenting techniques to yelling and rewards, but nothing seems to work?

Here at MTC we understand how difficult and stressful it can be to deal with a child who is exhibiting aggressive behavior. 

It can take a toll on your relationship with your child and with your partner, causing arguments and tension. 

But there is hope.

Just look at what happened with Jamie and John and their 7-year-old HSC. 

They had tried everything they could think of (sticker charts, rewards, yelling, counting to 3…), but nothing seemed to work. 

They were struggling to manage his aggressive behavior and meltdowns, and they found themselves constantly arguing with each other about how to handle the situation. 

It was especially difficult for them because their HSC’s twin sister was managing her emotions much...

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