Picking Your Battles


Trying to navigate your child's meltdowns, shame spirals, and outbursts on a day to day basis is REALLY HARD.  

I get it. 

Parents tell me all the time that they are surviving by just "picking their battles."

But picking your battles is not the solution.  It will not support you HSC emotionally.  It will not save you energy for the next meltdown.  It will not bring your family the peace and joy they deserve.

In this video, I discuss the traps parents of highly sensitive kids fall into when choosing to pick their battles...

And what you can do to avoid these traps. 

Watch this video to learn more!

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[Video] Are my child's meltdowns really that bad?


Many parents ask me... My child is having meltdowns... is it really that bad? Isn't that normal for kids?

How my 10+ years of expertise working with Highly Sensitive Children & their families and my personal family experiences impacts my opinion, and what that means for your family.

Watch this video to learn more! 

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What Drives Sensitive Adults Towards Struggle


Why can’t my HSC be happy?

Is my HSC destined for struggle?

We know these are questions that spin through your head. You may have a relative that struggles and you can draw parallels with your child’s behavior. Or perhaps you yourself had a rough childhood and you’re busting your butt to be certain your HSC doesn’t struggle with intense emotions like you did.

In this video, I speak about why your child is struggling in relation to your parenting style. Not to shame you. To help you see what YOU can take action on immediately.

You cannot control how your child relates to the world. But you can for damn sure influence it to the point where your child CHANGES themselves.

Without doing that, your child is left on their own to figure out how to manage their emotions, because they ultimately feel misunderstood. It’s why they say you don’t get it. It’s why they don’t come to you before they have hit their limits, and why they don’t learn...

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How are YOU nourishing your child’s emotional diet?

Your child learns how to manage her feelings from you. If your HSC isn’t managing herself, naming her own emotions, or calming herself down, there is a missing link in how you are teaching & leading in your home, ESPECIALLY if daily meltdowns are happening in your home.

HSCs do not learn to generalize the skill of managing emotions from any other professional or environment but from their parent. 

Without daily focus on communicating emotions safely, and learning how to do this independently as a child, your HSC will learn to require others to make her feel better.

This means she will be a boat untethered in a storm as a teen. Wishing for her friends to tell her what to do, but worrying about how she will look if she asks them what to do.

...Wallowing in internal sorrow, and fearful of what others think. 

...Experiencing continued anxiety at best, debilitating depression at worst.

As a young adult she will turn from wishing for direction and emotional support to...

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Looking at your child's emotions is not an accurate signal of progress


Join me for another look at research on HSCs, as I discuss why your child's rollercoaster of emotions is not an accurate signal of progress.

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[Video] Meltdowns causing a disconnect with your spouse?


Watch this video if you're interested in learning what to focus on first when you're stuck with your spouse on figuring out what to do to get on the same page.

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