Rachel & Ash: They Reduced Suicidal Thoughts by 90% in Just 8 Weeks!


Parenthood is an incredible journey filled with both heartwarming moments and immense challenges. 

We understand that firsthand here at MTC because we've been there ourselves. 

We know that when your child is facing mental health issues, it can shake you to your core and leave you feeling utterly overwhelmed.

If you're reading this, it means you're 

likely in a situation similar to what Rachel and Ash went through with their own HSC. Their little one was battling dark thoughts, expressing a desire to end their own life, and exhibiting behaviors like yelling, shutting down, and refusing to attend school. 

Rachel and Ash tried everything—they searched for the right therapists, experimented with various approaches, but nothing seemed to make a difference. 

The situation had pushed them to their breaking point, leaving them feeling helpless and unsure of what steps to take next. 

Their child's safety and well-being weighed heavily on their minds, and...

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How to Get Your Child to Open Up (It's simple...just LISTEN!)

Opening up can be difficult for kids, especially those who are highly sensitive. 


Creating a safe space is key to helping highly sensitive kids feel comfortable opening up. 


But how do you actually do that?


Here are some transformative tips that I’ve cultivated over the years after working with hundreds of families:


#1 Active Listening is Key


Make sure to face your child, maintain eye contact and put other distractions aside when they talk. 


Have you ever spilled your heart out to a friend only to look up and see them scrolling on their phone? Or giving you basic “mmhmm” responses?


You know they’re not listening and it doesn’t feel great.


Imagine your highly sensitive child experiencing the same thing but way more intensely.


Body language and eye contact are so important.


It’s also helpful to repeat back what they said to show you understand. 



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Is Your Highly Sensitive Child's Distress Destroying Your Family? There's A Simple Solution


Relationships strained to the breaking point. 

And you feel powerless, like nothing works to manage your HSC’s intense emotions.

As a parent, few things cause more pain than seeing your child struggle emotionally.

Dealing with intense meltdowns, withdrawal, or overwhelming emotions, you know the toll this takes on the entire family.

Highly sensitive children experience the world differently than others.

Every sound, sight, touch or change can feel amplified, if they do not have the skills to regulate their emotions, & this can cause disruptions to the peace of your home.

Even if you try to validate their feelings, your reactions and consequences seem to only make things worse without a process…

Something we hear so often at MTC is that family relationships often become strained and chaos grows, which leaves you doubting your abilities.

I have to tell you - this chaos is not your fault.

However, it is your responsibility. 

Your HSC’s sensitivity is...

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Embarrassed by Your Kid’s Meltdowns?

No matter how much we love our children... they can embarrass us.


Whether screaming in stores or rude behavior, it's difficult to watch.


On one hand, you never want your child to feel like they've disappointed you. 


You obviously don’t want your child to know you’re embarrassed of them. 


Yet harsh looks from other parents burn, and meltdowns in public feel like you’re put in a spotlight for the way you parent..


Take a breath. 


Acceptance is key. 


Feeling embarrassed is normal and human - forgive yourself as you forgive your kid for having the meltdown. 


What matters is your HSCs wellbeing, not others' perception of you. 


It is also true that it doesn’t have to be this way.


You can accept the emotions you are feeling.


You don’t have to accept the meltdown that is a result of a lack of skill to manage the emotions.


Your kid can learn how to...

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Preparing for the Holidays or Holding Your Breath?


The holidays are a glorious time of food, family and gratitude! 

But for parents of HSCs, getting to that table brings worries and anxiety.

Last year plays on an endless loop - the dread building each November.

Canceled plans, disrupted meals, stress ruining moments meant for bonding.

Maybe you're still trying to coax your reluctant social butterfly out from their room to mingle. 

Or perhaps getting shoes on causes a meltdown because your highly sensitive child struggles with transitions.

Maybe that fall sweater Nana made doesn’t feel just right, so now there's threats to wear it and tears and screaming ensue.

Wherever you feel stuck in the holiday meltdown cycle, know you're not alone. 

Major changes in routine layer on stress, and highly sensitive kids feel it doubly. 

The meltdowns make family time a minefield.

Have you missed treasured traditions due to pre-meal meltdowns? 

Missing out on a food drive at your place of worship, where valuable...

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Calm in the Storm: Navigating the Preteen Years

Ugh, sometimes it feels like your kiddos age a decade overnight!

It's wild how fast they seem to grow up before your eyes.

One day they're having fun coloring books and playing pretend, and suddenly they're declaring it all "babyish" and "lame"?

It's so confusing trying to keep up with where they're at.

And strategies that used to soothe them when they were younger just don't cut it anymore.

When they're upset about something, the usual response, "it'll be okay" gets them more worked up instead of calming them down like it used to.

But stepping in too heavy-handedly to try and fix things for them also often backfires and drives them away from you.

So what’s a parent to do?!

How do you continue supporting them through the hard and confusing feelings of growing up without inadvertently making it all worse?

It's downright scary not knowing if as they get older, they'll still be willing to open up to you about what's really bothering them. 

Or if they'll prefer to handle...

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I Refuse For My Kid To Grow Up Like I Did


Feeling inadequate as a parent of a highly sensitive child?

Fearing you’re failing at this crucial role?

The struggles of handling daily meltdowns, power struggles, and misbehavior are real.

Yelling might seem like the only solution, but guilt follows.

As a parent of a highly sensitive child, I know how exhausting it can be to feel like you’re failing at every turn.

Let me re-introduce myself.

My name is Megghan Thompson. I’m a retired child play therapist and transformational parenting coach with over 14 years of experience.

It was a long personal journey to become an expert, and I’ve made it my mission to shorten everyone else’s path to emotion regulation, resilience, and psychological safety in the home.

My team has helped over 700 families learn how to end daily meltdowns in a gentle, compassionate way…

…without yelling, punishing or coddling.

Parents hire us to teach them 5 emotionally intelligent shifts they need to make to help...

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Halloween's Over Tonight and You’re Left Holding the (Candy) Bag

I'm not a doctor, but I do understand that what goes into your body affects how you feel. 

Kids are especially sensitive.

Mealtimes can be so hard to manage for HSCs, but keeping nutrition balanced is key for behavior and focus. 

As Halloween nears, many parents worry.

In my Facebook group the questions pile up:

"My son loves Halloween but crashes after all the candy - how can I avoid a meltdown?"

"Should I let them trick or treat if the sugar will trigger a meltdown?"

"We try limiting sugar normally but Halloween is tough. Do I risk a meltdown saying no or risk a meltdown from overload?"

It's a real dilemma. 

If your kiddo struggles after just a small treat, imagine their reaction after a whole bucket of candy!

Here's what I recommend - 

Talk to them about expectations. 

Set clear guidelines for how much they can have and make a verbal deal.

Even if more comes home, ration it out to prevent overload. 

This may not be ideal nutritionally, but it avoids...

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How to Go From Daily Meltdowns, Aggressive Outbursts, Fighting, and Screaming to a Calm, Peaceful, Confident Child in Just 8 Weeks or Less…


Are you a parent whose child is melting down, getting aggressive, shutting down or refusing to follow directions daily?

If so, this is for you...

Parenting gurus, pediatricians, and therapists will tell you you need to wait years for your child to grow out of this or for “treatment” to work.

I guarantee you, it doesn't have to be that way.

With one NEW simple video, you can have a plan for your family to break out of the meltdown cycle…

Click HERE To Learn More

747 other parents just like you can't be wrong. 

Click the link below and watch the short video to learn more...

Click Here To Learn More

If you think you qualify, submit your application (it's short and to the point) and we will schedule a time to talk within the next two days...

Unfortunately, if you are not a parent with a sensitive, or gifted/high ability child stuck in the meltdown cycle - this is not for you. 

If I sent this email to you and you do not fit this criteria,...

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Where Do You Notice You Are a Playful Parent? How Are You Missing the Mark?

We all hear it, constantly!

“Come play with me, come play with me, come play with me!”

Listen, no one understands more than I do that as a busy parent the one of the hardest things to do is step out of your routine and play.

Especially with a Highly Sensitive Child and it’s not always “fun.”

Like when it ends in your highly sensitive child melting down because they didn’t win.

Nope. Forget it!

With life's huge to-do list, play time feels like extra baggage.

But listen up - connection cures what ails that sweet soul. 

And playtime heals in ways task-tackling never will. 

Play is the child’s language. 

If you ever feel like you’re speaking a different language than your HSC, this is your secret weapon!

It's time to lose your inner critic, let your flag fly free, and join the frolic no apologies!

The holidays are approaching and they lend a hand at being playful.

So there’s no time like the present to implement...

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