Are you still blaming your sensitive kid for a lack of empathy?


Hitting, kicking, screaming, cursing, running away… Are you raising a sociopath?

“Don’t you notice that he’s hurt!” 

“See, you made him cry!” 

...Are phrases that create shame in your child and keep this cycle going. 

But how else do you get your HSC to notice the outcome of what they’re doing?

Ask yourself: Are you still blaming your sensitive kid for their lack of empathy?

When kids feel overstimulated, they SEE RED.

If your child is making UNSAFE choices when they see red, 

Hitting and acting like they are out of control in their own bodies, 


Once the meltdown hits, your kid is no longer in control of their body. This TERRIFIES them.

When their body is out of control, EVERYTHING is a threat.

They can't learn, think, and see outside of themselves.  

Watch the replay to learn more about why empathy is NOT the problem.

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Your stinky kid doesn’t want to shower. Now what?


You’ve talked to your sensitive kid or teen about why it’s important to bathe and you still have a stinky kid. What gives?

Your instinct as a parent is to tell your child WHY their body needs to stay clean. 

You've read advice like:

“Explain the consequences of not bathing!“

“Just tell them to suck it up!”  

Here’s the thing. It’s never logic that holds your kid back from taking action.

  1. Your HSC already knows why it’s important to bathe... and they know they stink.
  2. Most Highly Sensitive kids and teens are bright... they really do get it.

  3. There is more to your kid than disobeying this mandatory act of self care...

Because you’re not addressing the actual problem...

Watch the video to learn how to help your child get past their hygiene meltdown, and click the link to book a call with my team to end the meltdown cycle for good.

Parents of sensitive teens:


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The REAL Reason Why Your Kid Won’t Let You Take a Vacation


You have plans to go on a romantic vacation with your spouse for the first time in years.


Your marriage needs this. 


When was the last time you REALLY connected, with zero distractions?


You try to get away… you’re at dinner, your phone rings… and it’s your kid. Again.


Immediate dread.


They are hysterical because Nana doesn’t know the password to the iPad.


This is the third time they have called in the last hour. 


You say, “Why did I even bother?”


…What do you do?


If this sounds familiar, what if I told you there was an option that didn’t rely on survival-mode parenting? 


You need a system, support, accountability, and a plan.


Join me LIVE to learn how to stop your HSC from melting down when you have to leave town.


If you're ready to break this down with clear, evidenced based playful strategies to create a system that has worked...

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5 Lessons We’ve Learned from Saving over 200 Families from the Meltdown/Shutdown Cycle

We’ve met parents with HSCs that scream things like “You’d be better off without me,” or “I wish I was dead.”
Or they implode internally like an underwater volcano - silent, yet disruptive to their environment.
Somewhere between locking you out of their lives and refusing to let go of your hand.
Then there’s you...
...walking on eggshells.
Caught between two different parenting books.
Another cancelled playdate.
Frustration, guilt, resentment… then burn out.
The cycle is relentless.
You try to ask your friends how they stop the cycle, and each kid is different
And it's even tougher to stay consistent when you're a Highly Sensitive parent.
Seems impossible to achieve, but it can be incredibly simple.
Join me to hear the top 5 lessons we've learned, and why you MUST implement them.
To break the cycle for good, book a call with our team.
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How to Shake the "Something's WRONG" with my kid TRAP

When you fear time with your kid because you're walking on eggshells, avoiding daily meltdowns, shut downs or refusals, and your child or teen's BIG behaviors lead to you experiencing another symptom of the meltdown cycle: dread-- it's easy to jump into "diagnosing" the problem.
The problem with that is the 2 "labels" you actually need to break down the dread of your child's BIG emotions and BIG behaviors aren't ones that tell you or your child that they're broken, need to be "fixed" or set them up for negative stereotypes as they age.
The majority of sensitive kids and teens don't actually need a diagnosis or a label.
They fare MUCH better in childhood and adulthood when parents focus on these two factors in eliminating the daily meltdown or shut down cycle.
Join me as I cover what you should prioritize.
Book your call when you're ready to break out of the cycle with a proven plan & support system.
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Why Your Sensitive Kid Can't Handle Change.... and What to do About It


When your child freezes, freaks out or stalls when their routine or expectations aren’t met, it can go from 0-100 quickly.

Contrary to what you might believe, teaching your child to handle these surprising situations IN THE MOMENT perpetuates the problem.

Believe it or not, it’s not an effective strategy (for longterm change).

Tune in to learn how to break the cycle of your child’s intense reactions to change (using proven, research-backed methods)...

And to learn how your well-intentioned coping skills you're trying to teach your kid...are actually setting him up for more emotional struggle.


Book your call with our team if you’re tired of tip-toeing around your child or teen and want to build resilience for your sensitive child without making them ‘suck it up’ or coaching them to breathe into a paper bag for every little thing.

 Parents of children:

Parents of teens:

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3 main reasons why sensitive kids and teens aren’t sleeping


Contrary to what you may think... 

Your HSC's sleep issues are NOT just about vitamins, screens or diet.

As much as you try to limit screen time, sugar or food dyes...many of you are also hesitant to use a pill to support your child in falling asleep.

At any age, parents need to be aware of their sensitive child or teen’s emotional problems that may be the root of their sleep issues.

Altering diet, adding vitamins/medications and other ‘quick fix’ approaches are really just masking deeper causes...that require long term commitments.

Look, I get it, I avoid certain foods too.

Sunshine is good for the body, to process proper hormones to support sleep onset. That’s just it, however: ‘support.’

Because when you avoid helping your child learn how to process anxiety-provoking topics like the school day, friendships, and family relationships...

Then all the ‘tricks’ in the world aren’t going to help your sensitive kid settle...

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4 Reasons Punishments Aren't Really Working for Your HSC

Uncategorized Apr 10, 2021

I’m declaring WAR on time-outs, removing tablets, sticker charts...

But not on YOU as a parent if that’s what you’ve used to TRY to figure out how to help your child. 

There’s a big difference between feeling trapped in trying to help your kid manage their big emotions, and get your outcomes…

...and just plain not caring about whether your child feels feelings when they can’t get what they want, treat them like a dog on a choke collar, and justify it.

I KNOW that’s not you.

I KNOW you love your child.

I KNOW you’ve tried all the things. 


So, let’s talk about why the “tricks” “strategies” “tactics” and “tools” aren’t working.

But let’s leave the blame game out of it.

Because if you truly didn’t want what is best for your kid, and you truly didn’t give a damn...

You wouldn’t be here.

You’d be commenting...

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How to handle an HSC that can't play fairly...

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2021
When it's family night and you're secretly hoping no one gets their feelings hurt...only to have your HSC throw the game pieces across the may feel like pulling your hair out.
HSC’s see red when they cannot think skillfully. Sadly, this isn’t something they just “outgrow”.
To correct this pattern, you need to teach your child to playfully communicate their emotions.
You need to help her manage her big emotions around winning, losing, and compromise… and that’s a bigger, much deeper skillset, than just doing away with competitive games or only playing collaborative games to avoid another “sore loser” upset.
Tune in as I discuss more deeply what works and what doesn’t when teaching your HSC about fairness and playing “nicely”.
To learn how to stop the meltdown cycle by addressing the root causes, talk to our team at
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The Juggling Act

highly sensitive child Mar 11, 2021

“It’s ok to be sad”... until it’s not…

The juggling act you play with your HSC when their sad feelings move swiftly to anger…
(towards you, a sibling, your spouse, a grandparent, the list goes on!) has you feeling completely worn out.

Trying to be all things to all humans in the household, AND prioritize your HSC’s safety decisions is impossible.

You have limits.

You have boundaries.

And when you act as if you have to handle everything at once, and be the container for both of your kid’s feelings, and that of your spouses, and that of any other observers, you can end up frying yourself.

So what do you do?

There are 3 main skills as a parent of a Highly Sensitive Child that you need to acquire in order to eliminate the meltdown cycle.

Join me as we discuss what these are…

If you’re ready to fast track this for your family and truly know you’re solving the problem, then I encourage you to book a call with our team to...

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