The One Thing You're Missing With Toilet Troubles


The most dreaded sentence: “Mom, I have to poop.”

Who knew there would be so much emotion around using the bathroom?

It’s something we all do… we don’t really have a choice.

Yet, your HSC is struggling BIG TIME when it comes to number 2 (or sometimes, number 1).

Since you’ve been a human longer than your kid has, you understand the human body.

When you get the urge to go…

You go. 

And then you move on.

There’s nothing more to it.

Tune in to learn why it may be so hard for your HSC, and what this really means.

For Highly Sensitive Teens: 

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Do You Still Think That When Your Teen Is Yelling At You, They’re FINALLY Opening Up?

Uncategorized Jan 05, 2022

Do you still think that when your teen is yelling at you, they’re FINALLY opening up?

Because that actually couldn’t be further from the truth.

Today I’m going to debunk three myths about your teen,

And what it REALLY means when they are yelling at you.

You may be thinking, “Well Megghan, my kid shuts down …”

“...So when MY kid is yelling at me, it IS a good thing.”

Your kid runs up to their room and shuts you out,

Or their eyes glued on their screens whenever you’re around.

So yelling is the ONLY way they communicate with you.

And after months of trying to get them to open up… you’ll take it.

Let’s get it straight. Tune in to watch me and our Teen Expert Autumn Brennan debunk three myths about communicating with your teen.  

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How the Meltdowns Stole Christmas


Do you suffer from anxiety around Christmas time?

I think we all do, but when you’re a parent of an HSC struggling with meltdowns, 

You are probably thinking at least three times as much as the average parent.

“I better make sure each sibling has an equal amount of gifts.”

“We’ll have to come up with an excuse to leave the Christmas party early so Sarah can watch A Christmas Story again.”

“I’ll take the long way to Grandma’s to avoid passing by the toy store, otherwise we’ll have to stop again.”

On top of the grocery list, gifts to mail out, and Christmas card addresses…

It’s no wonder you are feeling anxious. 

The Grinch was anxious around Christmas time too, but for a different reason.

Tune in to learn more about what the story of the Grinch can tell us about our Highly Sensitive children.

For Highly Sensitive Teens:


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Do the Meltdowns Make You Feel Like the Lockdown Will Never End?


When you feel like certain things are not possible for your family BECAUSE of meltdowns…

It feels isolating.

Most of us have lived through an actual lockdown. 

But when you limit your family or yourself from doing things because you feel like your kid can’t handle it...

It feels like it never really ended. 

And it feels like you’re doing something wrong when you’re just trying to protect your kid.

I get it. It’s exhausting for you to wait for the explosion when you try to do fun things.

Plus, your kid doesn’t want to have a bad time either. 

Tune in to learn why skipping the trips to the Lego Store is not the answer...

For Highly Sensitive Teens:  

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Has Your HSC Stopped Taking You Seriously?

Uncategorized Dec 08, 2021

Sometimes it feels like our kids go from age 3 to 13 in a matter of seconds.

As a parent, it’s confusing when we are playing with our 5 year old and they say, “Mom, that’s dumb. I’m not doing that.”

When yesterday, they didn’t think it was dumb at all.

This also goes for helping our kids feel better.

Telling them “don’t worry” worked when they were 3. 

But now your kid is 5… and saying “don’t worry” doesn’t work.

In fact, it probably pisses them off.

And the more you try to help your HSC through their challenges,

The more you are pushed away.

It’s overwhelming… because you know in your gut, it’ll only get worse.

So what SHOULD you do when your HSC doesn’t take you seriously? Tune in the find out.


For Highly Sensitive Teens:  

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The Difference Between the Highly Sensitive Trait and Autism


Let’s get one thing straight.

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Sensitivity are two different things.

If your child is Highly Sensitive, that does not mean they are on the Autism Spectrum.

I’m referring to something I read a few weeks ago while scrolling away on Instagram.

I saw a “Wellness Coach” claim that the Highly Sensitive Personality trait is just a way for therapists to downplay someone’s autistic traits…

Which is simply not true… 

And science proves that.

It’s important to note that this individual in particular was not speaking from their own experience of an autism misdiagnosis…

So this is an example of how harmful (and easy) it can be to spread false information.

Tune in for a scientific and historical lesson on the difference between ASD and SPS.


For Highly Sensitive Teens: 

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The Thief That Stole Thanksgiving


Tis the season of good food and gratitude!

When you go around the family table and ask what everyone is grateful for,

Do you find yourself bracing for the possibility of a meltdown...?

Maybe you’re not even there yet.

Maybe you’re still trying to get your HSC to come out of their room and say hello to their cousins,

Or trying to get them to lose the attitude with Grandpa that they suddenly have,

Or simply put on their shoes to leave the house…

Whichever stage you feel stuck on, you’re not alone.

Family gatherings are stressful during the holidays, no matter how much you love your family.

Tune in if you’re nervous about the holidays... because Thanksgiving is already NEXT WEEK.

For Highly Sensitive Teens:  

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How to Spot a Fake Parenting Coach


Fake coaches and scam programs are not talked about enough.

You can’t scroll through Facebook for five seconds without finding someone selling their “life changing” program.

And since your search history is what apps use to target ads, 

If you’ve been searching for help on Google,

I.e “How can I stop meltdowns?”

You’re probably flooded with options.

But as you know, the internet is full of information.

It gives strangers the opportunity to position themselves as an “expert” by calling themselves one.

Tune in to learn more about how to spot a fake parenting coach, and why it’s incredibly important to know exactly who you’re working with.

For Highly Sensitive Teens:  

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When You're Disappointed That Your Kid is an HSC...

Uncategorized Nov 03, 2021

When we make the decision to have children, we accept the inevitable.

Parenting makes you strong, but it shakes you to your core.

That’s a fact.

Raising a kid isn’t a cakewalk.

Especially when your kid needs a little more attention than your nephew did.

The hardest thing to wrap your head around is realizing that your kid is different.

Not only because society pivots our thinking to mean different = bad.

But because you feel guilty for not knowing how to do all the things right away.

Tune in to learn how to help your child thrive and drop the parenting guilt along the way.


For Highly Sensitive Teens:  

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What happens if the meltdowns NEVER stop?


I send you a lot of emails about why ending the meltdown cycle is key to creating a better life for your family.

But rarely do I talk about how it could lead to a successful future for your child.

That is what I want to talk about today.

If you’ve been following me for a while, 

you may have seen my video, What is your HSC’s potential?

If not, you can watch it here: 


That’s where I discuss how the Highly Sensitive trait is a gift when you know how to use it.

Today let’s discuss what could happen if the meltdowns never stop.

Which sounds terrifying… because it is.

Tune in to hear how meltdowns play out for HSCs when they grow into adults… and potentially rob them of opportunities.


For Highly Sensitive Teens: 

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